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The Disney brand brings happiness to children and adults alike and families welcome the company into their homes through movies, music, and merchandise. Disney is synonymous with joy, amazement, wonder, and magic and this reflects the personality of the creator. Walt Disney used his optimism and charisma to lead his employees and infuse that into his work. Other leadership skills Disney had that helped him succeed both in the arts and business is his tough management style, attention to detail and organization, and his intense commitment and value of loyalty. These skills led Disney to achieve many accomplishments including building a company that is today a media empire and leaving a lasting impression on the world, creating Disneyland and the various theme parks, and his artistic awards. However, Walt Disney is not perfect. Some critique that his management style was too harsh and many employees were in fact afraid of him.
Just like many other companies throughout the United States, The Walt Disney Company attempted to mirror their successful business strategy and expand overseas. Its first foreign venture Tokyo Disneyland proved to be so successful that the decision was made to further into the European marketplace. Located outside Paris, France, Euro Disneyland was to be the most lavish project that Disney
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An example if this is the Walt Disney Company 's policy of accommodating no alcohol in its parks in California, Florida, and Tokyo, which it elongated to France. However by implementing this American strategy, it caused astonishment and revolt in France where a glass of wine for lunch is a given. It failed to recognize that alcohol is viewed as a customary beverage with repasts and a component of daily life. After much consideration, in May 1993, the Walt Disney Company transmuted its policy and sanctioned wine and beer in the Euro Disneyland theme

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