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Behind the Magic of Walt Disney
Walter Elias Disney once said, “If you can dream it, you can do it.” Walter Disney, also known as Walt, was an American motion-picture artist, a television producer, and a showman of his time. He was an entrepreneur. Walt attended Chicago Art Institute and Kansas City Art Institute and School of Design. He was known as the triumph of the American imagination. Walt Disney was a very influential person because he was the inventor of Mickey Mouse, he added color and sound to animation, and he created a major theme park for all ages.
Walter Elias Disney was born on December 5, 1901 in Chicago, Illinois to Elias Disney and Flora Call Disney. After he was born, his family moved to Marceline, Missouri and they lived there for most of Walt’s childhood. Walt had very early interests in art. For example, he would often make extra money by selling his drawings to the neighbors. Walter was outgoing and craved attention. Walt married Lillian Bounds Disney and they had two daughters, Diane Disney and Sharon Disney. Walt Disney died on December 15, 1966, in Burbank, California.
Possibly the most important creation of Walt’s was the creation of Mickey Mouse, and he received a special Oscar in 1932 for his creation. He is one of the oldest and most famous vermin in the world. Mickey was created to replace the earlier Disney character, Oswald the Lucky Rabbit. He originally appeared in silent cartoons. Mickey Mouse was brought to life on November 18, 1928, when he first appeared in the cartoon “Steamboat Willie” at the Colony Theater. He whistled and made other noises, but did not speak until 1929. Mickey had many firsts. His first starring part was in 1929 on “Plane Crazy.” The first line he ever spoke was “Hot ...

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...isney was not raised in a family that had a whole lot of money. He was just an ordinary boy with a huge imagination. Walter dreamed of the things all the other children of his age would never dream of. As he grew older, he already knew what he wanted for the world and he knew he would reach his goals. Walter Elias Disney was a very hard-working man. He was the man that was in charge of the addition of color and sound to animation. Ever heard of the famous little mouse named Mickey? Walt was the owner of the brain that thought him. He even created a major theme park for all ages to go to and enjoy their time spent there. Walt Disney once stated that he was not born a success, he made his own success. He said “do what you love, take what you do seriously, do it for others, never settle with your first success, and don’t let obstacles stop you” (“The 5 Great Lessons”).

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that walt disney, also known as walt, was an american motion-picture artist, television producer, and showman of his time. he was the inventor of mickey mouse and created a major theme park for all ages.
  • Explains that walter elias disney was born on december 5, 1901 in chicago, illinois. his family moved to marceline, missouri and lived there for most of his childhood. he was outgoing and craved attention.
  • Explains that mickey was created to replace the earlier disney character, oswald the lucky rabbit, and he appeared in silent cartoons. walt disney was the first person to be the voice of mickey mouse.
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