Walt Disney And The American Dream Essay

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Walt Disney and the American government had one dream in common: to provide a land that had people with different abilities and achievements. The land they sought would be rich in opportunities for different people as per their skills and expertise. They wanted to build a country that had equal distribution of resources and incomes and a land where everyone contributed to the growth of the economy despite how small their talents and skills were (Cullen, 2004). This essay discusses whether Walt Disney had the ideals of the American dream in mind and how he served as an example of the American dream. The essay focuses on his upbringing and how it shaped his attitude towards various opportunities. The essay considers Disney’s life and how it influenced…show more content…
It was the dream of America to develop a nation where people had the freedom to do what they like and utilise their skills and talents to earn income. It was the American dream to ensure that resources were equally distributed worldwide and that they won the World War II. It was the American dream to ensure that after the end of the World War II, business went back to normal and they managed to curb the financial crisis that was as a result of the labour strike. The American dream was that everyone received equal treatment despite his or her race and colour and through hard work both the American government and Disney believed that the country would thrive (Cullen, 2004). Disney was able to achieve this when he developed animations that condemned war and preached peace. He also remunerated his workers well enough, which made them end the strike. He housed 500 army soldiers and their equipment like the anti-aircraft guns and other gears to help them win the war. Disney once said that, “all our dreams can come true only if we have courage and confidence to pursue them.” Through his upbringing where his father never feared to punish him in exchange for his hard work, he developed to change the country. Lastly, he showed people that they could be able to achieve their goals and dreams through his

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