Walmart Unequal Pay and Overall Low Paying Wages

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Walmart profits billions of dollars each year yet they pay low wages discriminate against their female employees by underpaying them and not being paid the same amount as their counterparts. Walmart rarely hire fulltime employees which means no benefits and no vacations leaving the employees to depend on assistance from the government. Walmart has been sued for gender discrimination alleging female employees were discriminated against in the matters regarding pay and promotion. Women employees sued for equal pay they also want to be considered for promotions. Walmart female employees perform the same duties as their counterparts but they are not making the same in salaries they feel as if they are being underpaid and mistreated. Walmart is not unionized to secure the benefits and rights of the workplace that will make Walmart a better to work and the workers will feel more appreciated. Walmart is a very convenient place to shop has low price and have become America’s favorite store. Sam Walton the founder of Walmart started with just ambition drive and a dream now has become one of the richest men that ever lived. Walmart’s are located almost in every town and all over every city in America. Walmart slogan is “Save people money so they can live better” and has currently found new ways to better the company such as “Walmart to go” online shopping. Competitors of Walmart suffer because of Walmart low prices and the fact that have formed a sense of genius. Walmart popularity has impacted the economy in a huge way in positive and a negative way. Walmart has a lot of criticism from many different parties about how the company is ran and the fact that Walmart does not have a union. Walmart is one of... ... middle of paper ... ...owntown Walmart businesses thus hurting local economies. Walmart has been the subject of criticism of numerous groups and individuals among labor unions. They have also been chastised by the employees that work for them and customers. They have protested against company policies and business practices including racial and gender discrimination. (Richard Vedder, Wedell Cox ) Walmart has local stores in every community. It’s not hard to find a Walmart in town and in many different locations within a city. Local Walmart’s are convenient for shoppers and making shoppers browse. Walmart stores are usually located in a plaza which bring business to surrounding stores. Traveling long distances to shop makes it more difficult and tiresome. Walmart does better then it’s competitors because Walmart stores are more easier to find and they have more locations.
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