Walmart In China Case Study

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GIANT RETAIL WAL-MART AND ITS BUSINESS IN CHINA The year of 1962 in a rural town in Arkansas businessman and entrepreneur Sam Walton found Wal-Mart. Today its one of the largest companies in the United States grossing over $350 billion dollars in revenue, estimated 7,000 retail stores and over 1.8 million employees globally. Wal-Mart reason for entering into the Chinese market had the intention to duplicate the U.S. retail stores success rate. Most business enters China’s red-hot market because of the economy and cheap labor. Wal-Mart entered this market because of the different customs and variety 1.3 billion consumers that they can gain along with cheap labor and aggressive economy. Wal-Mart in establishing a presence in the China market was very enticing. Unlike the United States, China Wal-Mart stores have a different selection of merchandise, foods, products and services rendered. Consumers are able to buy pieces of raw rabbit meat with their bare hands, you can catch your own fish, frogs, and turtles at the China Wal-Mart stores, buses are allocated for travel to the retai...

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