Walking Dead and Game of Thrones

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The two TV shows which I have chosen for this topic are The Walking dead and Game of thrones. The Walking Dead: The main protagonist in the film is the deputy Sheriff Rick Grimes who has been shot and when he wakes up he finds himself in a post apocalyptic world in which zombies are everywhere. He gets out on a search for his wife and son and reunites with them later. He finds out that there are many survivors just like him who must fight each other and the zombies in order to survive. It is a TV series and most of the locations shows in this series are out in the environment and everything looks like a ruin. The roads have cracks in them and there are abandoned places. The survivors take refuge in a camp outside the city. There are several burned vehicles and burned vehicles which are shown on the road. The locations and the surroundings definitely complement each other. The places have been made to look as though they are run by zombies. They have been realistic and with a touch of reality. Zombies are seen eating flesh amidst desolated places and dead bodies. The rooms which are presented in a comedy series use vibrant colors so as to bring color to the show. Moreover the rooms used in a comedy series are not realistic and one gets the impression as thought they are human made sets. Example which could be given in this regard is that of Big bang theory. Big Bang theory is a comedy show in which the rooms are shown to be colorful and the characters wear colorful clothes as well. In contrast with the rooms in the comedy series, the rooms in the drama series are more realistic and often use real houses and rooms to shoot their sequences in. Also, the locations and rooms are more realistic as opposed to those in a comed... ... middle of paper ... ...rira-who-plays-michonne-says-the-walking-dead-isn-t-racist.html Martin, D. (2013). Learn to Speak Dothraki and Valyrian From the Man Who Invented Them for Game of Thrones. Retrieved 2014, from vulture.com: http://www.vulture.com/2013/04/game-of-thrones-dothraki-language-inventor.html Mulhall, E. (2013). The fans doth protest too much, methinks: Is Game of Thrones Truly Feminist? Retrieved 2014, from /literatico.com: http://literatico.com/features-and-opinion/the-gender-card/the-fans-doth-protest-too-much-methinks-is-game-of-thrones-truly-feminist Rigel, L. (2012). The Ugly Treatment of Women in Game of Thrones. Retrieved 2014, from lkrigel.com: http://www.lkrigel.com/2012/04/treatment-of-women-in-game-of-thrones/ Sandor. (2013). GAME OF THRONES: 5 Favorite Relationships. Retrieved 2014, from livejournal.com: http://ohnotheydidnt.livejournal.com/76454688.html
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