Walking Away From Injustice

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This fictional story attempts to contradict the narrative that grave inequality is a necessary condition for a prosperous and happy society to exist, and that the inequality is justified and that no one can do or does anything about it. The details of the story and very vague, which leave a lot up to the reader's imagination. For some undefined or nonexistent reason, a single child must remain in deplorable conditions. His misery is a required to ensure the happiness of the citizens of Omelas. The rule seems to have no reason behind it. How is the boy's misery needed to allow the citizens to experience joy? The author never offers an explanation, leaving the reader to come to the conclusion that the rule stating he must be in misery for their happiness has no logical justification at all. The rule must be followed simply because it's a rule. Some citizens become angry or sad when they learn of the boy and his misery, but they soon forget. Others walk away for Omelas, rejecting the rule and rejecting bliss at the expense of the boy's misery.
The author not too subtlety crit...
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