Walgreens Strategic Intent Analysis

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. The traditional strategic planning model always matches the model of strategy making, and its goal is to obtain a relationship between internal resources and abilities and external opportunities and threats. However, this attitude can cause overemphasis on existing resources and current opportunities. On the other hand, the strategic intent can lead managers concentrate on establish new capacity to explore further opportunities. Generally, strategic intent is a compelling statement about where a corporation expects that succinctly conveys a sense of what the company desires to accomplish in the long term. According to the article “Strategic Intent,” Hamel and Prahalad argue that “The strategic intent usually incorporates…show more content…
It is stable over time and expands the attention range of the corporation. Through involving a broad and long term aim, it creates a sense of urgency and improvement drive
b. The previous business strategy in Walgreens was a traditional command-and-control method that the strategists clarified the processes for their employees and they followed the guideline. However, the competitive landscape converted. Some new competitors appeared in the industry and they used mailing to deliver prescriptions. Besides it, many grocers and supermarkets started providing in-store pharmacies. Because of the growth of Internet, more customers attempt to order products through e-store, such as Amazon and Google. To sustain the development of Walgreens, the components of the strategy’s implementation plays an important role. In essence, Walgreens adapts the changing of competitive environment, and evolved from simply offering prescriptions for customer to becoming the main purposes for providing health and wellness products and professional services to customers. In this case, the leverage of its district managers is the hard core to ensure the operation of the strategy’s
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Walgreens set up a pay-for-performance system to inspire employees being more accountable and aggressive. Based on this system, the employees will be evaluated and bonuses are built in the light of three primary critical elements, involving financial results, team member engagement, and customer service. In addition, the community engagement and events are included in marking criterion, which is accounted as percentage. Due to this system, the stores have participated more than 16,000 community events, which was over a million volunteer hours (Walgreens, 2016). It is win-win program that incents the employees to sincere serve their customers and ultimately boosts the company’s profits and positive
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