Wal Mart 's Ethical Issues

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Sam Walton founded Wal-Mart on the idea of providing superior service and selling products at the lowest prices. Many critics feel that Wal-Mart has lost its original values and now faces many ethical issues regarding how the organization is being run. Wal-Mart has received criticism for the lack of follow through regarding their sustainable practices. Another area of concern would be the treatment of its employees regarding wages, health benefits and aggressive efforts to prevent unions. The management team has also been embroiled in bribery and embezzlement scandals. One of the biggest critiques of the organizations would have to be their relationships with suppliers and safety concerns over foreign operations. An analysis of the literature reveals that Wal-Mart needs reconnect with their original values. Do you think Wal-Mart is doing enough to become more sustainable? According to Wal-Mart’s Website, “More than ever, we know that our goal to be supplied 100% by renewable energy is the right goal, and we know that renewables combined with energy efficiency is especially powerful: for our customers, for our shareholders and for the future of generations to come,” (“Sustainability”, n.d, p.1). Wal-Mart has developed a sustainable development plan to use a limited amount of resources to service its customers and the communities it serves. The plan entails the organization using reusable energy resources, reducing waste and selling green products. Many critics state that Wal-Mart has did little to reduce the amount of waste produced and nearly 99% of Chinese operations have failed adapt the reusable energy plan, (“Top 10 Ways”, 2012). The research indicates that Wal-Mart is not even close to reaching its goal of 100%. The organ... ... middle of paper ... ...-Mart has strayed from the original vision of its founder. The organization needs to reconnect with original values that made the company a success. The leadership has tried to model its business after other successful brands and this has upset its clientele. The organization needs to stay true to its roots. Those who shop at Wal-Mart are not concerned with the business being sustainable and these efforts should only be continued if they will receive a return on their investment. Wal-Mart needs to install a better auditing system to monitor management and suppliers to prevent further scandals. Wal-Mart’s core value is to offer consumers competitive and low prices. Wal-Mart should be open that in order to provide competitive low prices it cannot employ full time employees, increase wages, aggressively pursue sustainability or offer health insurance to its employees.
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