Wal-Mart: The Target Market For Walmart

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Retail stores consider many factors when designing the store to assist with maximizing the experience that the customer will encounter. The average customer has no idea that the store places such amount of thought into the setup and design layout. Everything from the merchandise displays to the locations of certain departments are designed to increase the revenue and success of the store. The target market for the retail store is classified as the type of customer that will contribute to the success and can evolve over time if the store is experiencing difficult times. The ability to be fluid in decision-making is required because change is constant with any customer driven business. The majority of retail customers desire the convenience of knowing that they are getting their money’s…show more content…
The original 5 and 10 store in a town of only 2,900 residents. The family business that now has created many billionaires in the Walton family and saved millions of dollars for family shoppers. Now being one of the world’s largest retailer in the world Walmart has definitely made good decisions about building their empire. Walmart currently has over 11,000 locations in 28 countries. The growth that has been experienced by Walmart is the result of multiple good decisions. The target market for Walmart is customers that are seeking an everyday low price, that are willing to buy in larger quantity. The average Walmart shopper is cost conscious individual or family member that is interested in value for their dollar. The addition of grocery items to Walmart in 1987 pushed Walmart into an entirely new market averaging sales of one million per week in the combination stores. The average Walmart customer, according to Business Insider, makes $50,000/year and is represented well within each age category. In comparison to Target shoppers, Walmart customers are older and make approximately $12,000 less a year. (Peterson,

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