Wal Mart Supply Chain Management

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Walmart strategic plan was important by thinking about the future through the lens of the customer. Customers are channel by shopping in stores, online or with their phones is more seamless than it used to be. Walmart is thinking the same way by possesses a unique assets and capabilities to serve customers with their stores, clubs, global supply chain, data and great associates. They want to enable customers to find what they want, at a value, in a convenient, enjoyable way, regardless of how they shop. Walmart customer proposition is focused on four areas – price, access, assortment and experience. Each dimension is important, so they take a holistic view to how they integrate with each other. Walmart plan provides a framework to ignite, strengthen and quicken changes, as they make decisions and investments. WAL-MART SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT The business is the result of Sam Walton 's visionary leadership, along with generations of associates focused on helping customers and communities save money and live better. Sam Walton’s strategy was built on a foundation, which offers customers the lower prices anytime, anywhere. The fundamental strategy has shaped Walmart’s culture and steered the company’s growth. Walmart 's corporate organization strategy involves selling high quality and brand name products at the lowest price. Organizational Profile It published that Forbes shows Walmart as the 20th most valuable brand in the world in 2015, and worth US$24.7 billion. No other direct competitor, except Amazon, has made it to the Forbes list of the most valuable brands. Profile of the Organization In 1962 the founder of one of the most well know store across the globe, Walmart “Sam Walton” created a corporate with a Bu... ... middle of paper ... ...tain customers. As the company grows, it is important that they do not forget their core values. When Walton founded the company, he wanted to make a difference in the lives of all of his customers. The company has cornered the market on value shopping and has even made a substantial mark on the ecommerce market. As long as the company does not lose focus on this value of customer service then they will continue to succeed and grow into an unstoppable force. Conclusion In order for Walmart to gain productivity and profit, we must create an atmosphere that allows people to connect to the audience that the company is trying to attract. It is very important for the business to provide clear a beginning and force on the message that the company would like to display to evolve at the levels of changes their product to be able to articulate that vision of the customer.
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