Wal Mart Case Study

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Task 1
Definition of marketing
In these days marketing plays very important role in every business. Company has to do marketing according to their budget. It associated with buying and selling a product or service. To increase the sale of company they doing marketing in different ways by this they will get good profit. The management process through which goods and services move from concept to the customer. In the marketing company has to advertising and delivering every products to the people.

The main 4 PS of marketing mix are given below-
• Product
• Place
• Price
• Promotion
Product- in this one company has to get User satisfaction with the good produced Product. They always looks after customers’ demands, need and wants. They selling
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They have good brand image all over the world. They have skilled staff so they can professionally provide good customer service to the customers. They doing good efforts towards the customers to make good relation with customers. They also focus on customer’s feedback and changes the all bad things according to their suggestions.Wal-Mart has too many stores all over the world. They run their store successfully but they got so many complains everyday about their products or customer service. Sometimes customer’s complaint that they could not get the exact product what they order for. As I said before Wal-Mart is big company. They have to concentrate on customers complains and their demands. They can solve all these problems by staff meeting because in the meeting they can discuss all these problems with each other and get so many ideas like they need to improve their customer service by hiring intelligent individuals. They should use new technologies like self-checkouts and bar code scanners for customers to know the price of every product without asking any staff…show more content…
Wal-Mart is biggest organisation they also providing good quality products to customers to get the more and more customers. Today’s customers only want to fulfil their needs with lowest price but they want quality as well so Wall- Mart is very suitable for them.
Product support, repair or replacement policies Wal-Mart is biggest company all over the world. They have many types of products in their company and they also support their products like they give good quality products to customers like if any case if customers comes with guarantee or warrantee they have to repair that product and replace it on given time. They need to talk with every customer if they find any problems in products I mean they have to supporting products in every case also build good relations with customers with great customer’s service but sometimes some of the products repair with an extra cost. These all are policies of Wal-Mart.
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