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The history of wakeboarding has been a mystery for many years, nobody knows exactly how, when, and where the sport originated to become the amazing sport that it is today and might I mention that it is now one of the world’s fastest growing sports. Some state that it was created by combining two of the most intense and competitive water sports known to man which are surfing and skiing. During the late 1960’s water skiing was known to be the summer sport that anyone could try, it was those hot summer days when people where out on the lake having the time of their life, also known as having a “heyday”. Over the years riders have showed and proven that there are no limits to the sport by creating new tricks that where known to be some of the most unbelievable and wildest tricks ever seen in any water sport. Back in the day before wakeboarding was created people would try to ski on anything they could get their hands on that would displace water. There were some people on the lake trying to ride some of the wildest objects such as shoes, snow skies, tables, and most commonly the surfboard. But I assure you those people would have never thought that they were inventing the next generations most intense water sport soon to be known as Wakeboarding. Surfing behind a boat started to grow as a sport between the 1940s and the 1960s; all the different surfers out there decided they wanted to try something new. One of the closest retaliated things to wakeboarding or skurfing that they have already done in the past was by getting pulled behind a boat on a surfboard into waves that were way to big to paddle into. . Then riders started to get creative and learned that they could put straps on the board to hold their feet in place. A couple y... ... middle of paper ... ...de of the lake otherwise known as a Cable Park. In these lakes they put many different obstacles such has sliders, kickers, booters, transfers, and rainbow rails. This new way of riding is much cheaper and allows new riders to get into the sport with out having to spend a whole lot of money. There are Cable Parks popping up all over the world and for the sport to keep growing they are going to have to keep building the Parks all over in order for more and more people to be able to actually get into the sport. Wakeboarding has grown so much over the years and there is no telling what it will bring in the future. The one thing about this sport is that there is still much more growing and progressing to do for the riders. Wakeboarding is still one of the fasting growing and most competitive sports in the world, this extreme sport isn’t just a sport it’s a way of life.

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