Waitrose Case Study

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1 - Introduction

In recent years there has been major growth in the wider business world surrounding the overall influence that the retailing industry holds and because of which, retailing and the issues that surround it have become a vital influence in today’s global economy. (Fisher & Raman, 2001)

It has been said that retailers may no longer compete purely retail activity alone and must incorporate various factors relating to overall efficiency of the whole supply chain and in turn overcoming ever expanding management issues of which arise throughout business activities. (Fernie & Sparks. 2004)

This report aims to at one business in particular, that of nationwide supermarket Waitrose with a view to diagnosing prime management issues
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(Lipman, 2013) It has been stated throughout theory that through the establishment of effective employee relations aspects including employee participation and involvement can in turn lead on to various positive results for businesses. (Wilkinson & Fay, 2011) Relating to Waitrose and parent company John Lewis which have long been renowned for the overall management of employees, or rather ‘’partners’’. (Henley, 2010) John Lewis and Waitrose lead the way in relation to aspects of overall employee engagement and form part of the largest worker co-ownership throughout Britain as each employee owns shares relating to the business. (Henley, 2010)

Waitrose considers employee training and development as a great priority and as such offer various training initiatives available throughout the business. (Waitrose, 2015) It has been considered by some as a market leader in terms of levels of employee engagement and further outspends direct retail competition by roughly 10-15% when it comes to training resources. (Roberts, 2011

Alongside offering every employee a personalised Personal Development Plan, in 2011 developed an online learning and development system, available to each member of staff throughout the organisation. (Woods,
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