Waiting For Superman, By Davis Guggenheim's 'Waiting For Superman'

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“School is the path, not the point” (Will Richardson) . The documentary “Waiting for Superman” was directed by Davis Guggenheim, released on September 24,2010. In this documentary they investigate the school system and how they uncover how education in America was being declined. Also how charter schools have a exact amount of students that they can accept. The three most important understandings I gained from watching this documentary include how a lot of students start dropping out in high school and don’t graduate, also how tenure makes some teachers lazy, and how charter schools can’t accept every student. One issue in education that I learned from this documentary was that a large amount of students start dropping out once they get to high school. I believe that every student that has the chance to go to school and learn for free should take the chance and get educated. Instead of doing bad things and getting locked up they should go to school and get educated while they have the chance. “Sixty percent of inmates in pennsylvania are high school dropouts”…show more content…
Tenure is when a teacher has a permanent spot at the job and no matter what they do they have the job guaranteed. I expect teachers to give students a good education and have a good lesson planned for every day and not just get lazy after they get tenure and not care about the education of their students. “Money, passing laws, latest reforms but you can’t have a great school without great teachers” (Waiting for Superman). This quote is on point, why keep spending money and passing laws if the schools don’t have good teachers. I think that teachers should get tenure after more than just three years. I don’t think that they show how good or bad they are in just three years. In conclusion, people shouldn’t be teachers if they are just going to stop teaching and get lazy after they get
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