Wainscotting Demons

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Scarletta couldn’t stand the principal, who, incidentally, was her father. As expected, he required the highest grades he could expect and what resulted was a lot of pressure. Her father, like most principals, was at the school early, so she had plenty of time to do her homework and study for that quiz she tried to osmose last night. At 7:35, as always, Scarletta left the antiseptic smelling office. As she marched down the familiar hallways, she found whom she was looking for. “Hey, Mrs. Evered,” she called. The teacher turned her burgundy hair to reveal a taught face on a uniform dress whose only issue was a wrinkle on the bottom left. “Hey…” Mrs. Evered tried to echo, being cut off by the rumbling shifts of the school’s heating system. “Did you finish your history project?” She nagged her as she tried to jam the key into the door of her classroom on the first try. “Almost,” Scarletta said, “I just need to add the finishing touches.” “Alright, then,” Mrs.Evered approved as she opened up the door into the history room, a dark space covered in deep reds, dark browns and ancient yellows that reeked a chill, musty air. They stepped inside, and Scarletta dropped down a bag that was always a little to heavy and cumbersome. She pulled out her French binder and looked over her vocabulary words for the quiz. Mrs. Evered left to fill up her coffee cup. As Scarletta sat down at one of the uncomfortable desks, the girl heard a rattling from one of the vents suspended from the ceiling. After several minutes of studying, Scarletta started to notice only a few words; “pour dormir: to sleep, à rêver: to dream, nuit: night,” she murmured with a noticeably lethargic voice . 20 minutes later, the girl woke up, but as her head, it rebound... ... middle of paper ... ...k of: Mrs. Evered’s. It was completely unlocked as always, and Scarletta decided to hide in the supply closet. It was several hours of listening to the subjects of the Kingdom of Hiddens look for her, but by 6:30, they ceased their running around. It was the most terrifying game of hide and seek. When Mrs. Evered came in, she opened the supply closet and found Scarletta. Scarletta lifted her head and knocked a box off the shelf, which spilled pictures of all the kids she had met. Mrs. Evered glared at Scarletta. She pulled a long bread knife out of her purse and put Scarletta in check. “You filthy insolent girl,” she raged. “Wake up!” Scarletta screamed, a perfect F-sharp above middle C. With a snap of her eyes, Scarletta realized she had napped on her french binder and the bell had rung “C’mon, Scarletta, you’re going to be late for class,” urged Mrs. Evered.
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