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I. Introduction
A. According to the Congressional Budget Office, 6.8 million people could be taken out of poverty. That’s like the entire state of Washington being taken out of poverty.
B. The federal minimum wage should be raised to $10.10.
C. With a low wage' class='brand-secondary'>minimum wage now at $7.25, many people including families are living in poverty.
D. Arindrajit Dube, an economist at the University of Massachusetts Amnerst, says that a $10.10 minimum wage could go a long way in reversing some of that economic damage. (Berman)
E. Today I will be telling you why the minimum wage should be raised because it helps the economy, it helps families, and it would take people out of poverty.

II. Body
A. Raising the Federal Minimum Wage helps the economy.
1. If the economy would be helped by putting money in the pockets of the people who spend it, nothing would benefit the economy more than a raise in the minimum wage. (Our Opinions)
2. Whatever extra money earned from this wage raise flows right back into the economy when the family spends more. (Our Opinions)
3. Since there is more spending money floating around in the economy, there would be an increase of 12 Billion additional dollars to families over the poverty line. (CBO)
4. This raise would also affect more than 2 million employees of the government. (Henry)
5. With this potential raise, it would result in low-wage workers earnings to increase $31 Billion in the first year alone. (CBO)
6. Of the $31 Billion of revenue, 29% of that money goes to people 14-18 to be there right before college. (CBO)
7. Minimum wage lost 30% of its purchasing power over the past decades, according to Jack Temple, a policy analyst at the National Economic Policy Inst...

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...conomy, families, and people in poverty, the vote should be with raising minimum wage.
C. With this many positive effects, I see no way to turn this down.

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