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World War II was not an extended war on behalf of The Great War. The Great War was in fact the cause of World War II. Many problems from the aftermath of The Great War were left unattended. In a world where things are left without consequences, it opens up many doors for people to rebel against. Hence Adolf Hitler coming forth and taking advantage of powers in which looked the other way. Appeasement is not always wrong, yet Hitler used it as his vantage point. The start of WWII could be based on The Treaty of Versailles being a huge factor, the failure of the League of Nations and the rise of fascism. They all equally played a role in the creation of WWII but came forth due to the errors of how to go forth with things after The Great War.

The first cause of WWII was The Treaty of Versailles. This weakened Germany tremendously which much loss on their part. That alone angered many German people tremendously. Having lost WWI, Germany could not do anything.The Treaty of Versailles sparked fury in many Germans. The only people involved were the Allies, not one German man was invited. This treaty weakened German military power by taking it away, Germany no longer had the power to harm anyone nor did they have the power to protect themselves. With the Treaty of Versailles Germany had to take full blame for the war itself and was the only one punished for the war, regardless of the other Axis powers. The terms also included Germany pay many financial penalties, although many in Germany did not want the treaty signed they were forced to sign or be invaded by the Allies.

A second cause for WWII would be the failure of the League of Nations to uphold their peace treaties. The league of nations along with Wilson's Fourteen Points and th...

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... were slaughtered by the thousands in concentration camps. Hitler was in complete power, able to do anything he wanted to do.

The result of instability in Germany due to The Treaty of Versailles, and the failure of the League of Nations aided in the ability of a fascist ruler taking over. Germany was weak, and unstable looking for direction. Hence Adolf Hitler came forth with great media propaganda turning Germany into a fascist state overnight. Most of the causes of WWII happening would be mainly because of The Treaty of Versailles, as well as the inability of the Leauge of Nations to take action and back up their own treaties and agreements such as when Germany violated these sanctions by building and army and slowly invading neighboring countries just before the start of WWII paved the way for a German rebellion and for the seeds of WWII to take root and spread.
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