WWI causes

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History Term paper What one thing do you think caused WW1? There in fact were many causes of WW1. One of the causes was imperialism. There was jealousy between the countries because some had more colonies then others. The major countries did not trust each other or get along. They were worried about the build up of each others army. Each country had great pride and nationalism. By 1914 all major countries had taken sides against one another and formed alliances. The immediate cause of WW1 was the assignation of the heir to Austria-Hungary’s throne. At the beginning of the war all countries were enthusiastic about it especially Germany. The countries were divided onto sides like so; Germany, Austria-Hungary and Bulgaria. These countries were the central powers. There were also the allies who consisted of Great Britain and colonies, France and Russia. Others got involved eventually. Each country had their own strategy and their own strengths. For example: Great Britain had the strongest navy and Germany had the strongest military. Their strategies were different too, like Germany’s strategy failed because they under estimated Belgium’s army. The battle took longer then they thought. They originally were supposed to defeat Belgium and France quickly so they could fight Russia on the eastern front. Even though Germany’s war plan failed they still ended up dominating most of the war before the Americans arrived. It ended up to be a naval race of who could build their navy the quickest. When Russia first came into the war they were starting to dominate. They were going through a lot of trouble within their own country because they had a huge population and not enough resources because the land was frozen. The idea of the country going to war lit a certain spark and nationalism and pride through out the country. Russia going to war actually made them respect their leader Tsar Nicholas II. It was the first decision the Tsar made that the people agreed with. The first few battles they won and the word spread through out Russia and Europe that Russia’s army was unstoppable. This quickly changed and Russia started to loose everywhere. The Russian army started to get wiped out by the thousands. They were being defeated by Germany and other countries everywhere they went. A feeling of uncertainty grew through out the Russian people wh... ... middle of paper ... ... to blame for the war. They believed the only way they can be safe from Germany is if they strip Germany for their wealth and armed forces. The allies made the Treaty of Versailles which stated: Germany pays thirty three billion to France, Belgium and Great Britain; they loose all colonies, loose land to create Poland and Alsace and Lorraine goes back to France. They are limited to an army of one hundred thousand along with no tanks, no u-boats and no airplanes. Germany is never to make an alliance or union with Austria. The Rhineland is to be a demilitarized zone and the French will take control of coal mines and rich industries of the Saar region. When the war first started all countries were anxious to fight. When the Great War ended in 1918 no one wanted to think or even speak of war again. Millions of people were slaughtered and killed, people lost their friends and families. The war took longer then expected and by the end all countries were tired and worn out, had problems of their own and lost a lot of money and land that was put into the war. The countries agreed never to have a war again. Little did they know this was only the first one.
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