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WWI World War I had a lot of twists and turns leading up to the war, during the war and after the first Great War. One man’s assassination you can say caused the war to happen altogether. It was a big domino effect a chain reaction was going to occur. Once Austria was going to go after Serbia, Russia said don’t you attack Serbia or we will come after you. Then Germany said to Russia don’t you hurt Austria or we will come after you. This lead to the war and even though America did want to join in on the war America played a hand in what caused some hostility. Where was the US The United States for the most part was a neutral country for the majority of the war. Half the country was torn on going to war in the first place. Only people on the East coast seeing ships getting bomb wanted to fight. The other side of the country just didn’t want to join in. President Woodrow Wilson tried his best to keep the U.S. out of the world and stay neutral. The U.S. was in the middle of trading with other country’s at the time seeing huge profits. During 1914 to 1916 the U.S. Exports to just bell...

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