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Subject: A proposal to acquire funding for a new interactive exhibit about World War I that all ages would like to visit. The Proposal: A very important part of history is missing from this wonderful museum. This part of history is known as “The Great War” or now called World War I. As this museum expands it is imperative to all who visit that they learn about WWI. Outcomes of this war lead to events that triggered the next World War. My idea is to have the exhibit have a defined beginning and ending that starts with an introduction that gives a brief synopsis of the War. No guide will be needed as the public will follow a semi path from room to room, interacting and learning at their own pace. People will first walk through a door and enter a dark room where a short video will be projected onto a screen. The video will have a well-known actor, historian or politician who will then give the synopsis. A sample script of the synopsis: “World War I was a war that was center staged in Europe. The war began on July 28, 1914 and lasted until November 11, 1918. At the time it was known as the Great War and it eventually drew in all of the great economic powers of the time. These powers joined together in two opposing alliances. One alliance was known as the Allies. Initially the allies were the United Kingdom, France and the Russian Empire. The second alliance was the Central Powers, which was composed of Germany and Austria-Hungary. The alliances expanded as more nations entered the war. Italy, Japan and the United States would join the Allies and the Ottoman Empire and Bulgaria would join the Central Powers. In the end more than 70 million military personnel were mobilized. This would become one of the largest wars in human history.” ... ... middle of paper ... ...math. They will learn that the map of Europe will dramatically change. The German, Austro-Hungarian, Russian and Ottoman empires will disappear. Some nations will regain independence and others will be newly created. 1.4 million Soldiers died. They will learn about the Treaty of Versailles with Germany on 28 June 1919. The treaty of Versailles was actually opposed by Americans because of the League of Nations that it created. The Treaty stated that Germany had to admit guilt for starting the war and were liable to pay huge reparations. Many Germans felt humiliated and even shameful and this would become the major campaign for the Nazi’s later in the 1920’s. This will end the exhibit. In conclusion, I think it is very important to add a WWI exhibit to our wonderful museum. Thank you for considering funding what will be a unique and fun learning experience for all.

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