WINSTON SMITH an unusual hero in a very unusual world

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WINSTON SMITH-an unusual hero in a very unusual world The book 1984 written by George Orwell in 1948 which presents a nightmare vision into the future where no one is safe from the beading eyes of BIG BROTHER. No fun is allowed as life is dull and bleak. Jobs are boring and - as you are forced to work for the party and forced to work for a leader who has never been seen. Many of the ideas in the novel have been derived from the ending of the Second World War. The book was written post world war and Orwell believed the future would be just as depressing. That’s why the title is 1984 because it’s the inverse of the current date when it was written and it’s the twist to show how bad he believes the future will be. However in all depressing stories some one has to emerge as a hero. The location of the hero is London but not as we know it. It’s changed from capital of England to chief city of air strip 1 on 1 of 3 continents- Oceania and the other two EastAsia and Eurasia. Which are constantly at war with each other or it would seem they are. Our hero works in the ministry of truth which falsifies news and media stories to cover up anti big brother propaganda and make their leader seem a hero. He hardly seems fit to be a hero with a varicose ulcer and asthma - he is also very weak and frail. However in this world most people are like this even the women -all are forced to dress in the dull and boring overalls of the Party. This does show the emphasis of the world war on the story. The soldiers have become the workers and are under command from a high power unknown to them and working for an evil dictator ADOLF HITLER/BIG BROTHER? It seems too hard to live in this world as anything you think or do he will se... ... middle of paper ... ...r big twist in the story as he would seem to be a nice helpful man. There love for one another is physically expressed in this room against the rules of big brother and later used as grounds to prosecute them on. She never betrays him till she is broken in room 101 but the other person to glance at the two minute hate betrays him from the start. O’Brien is the other person to glance and make Winston think the revolution is coming. His stare at the two minutes hate towards Winston made him think and plan for the revolution. But then he isn’t seen for a long time till he sees Winston in the hall and offers him the new dictionary something Winston couldn’t refuse. He went to his apartment inside the inner party and to Winston’s amazement was aloud to turn the telescreens off. So now he really believed the revolution would happen and as he was given a book.

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