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WAP Site Evaluation uBMobilecom The purpose of this paper is a an in-depth review of a mobile city guide: uB-Mobile. First, some background information on uB-Mobile will be briefly reviewed. Next, the purpose and function of uB-Mobile’s WAP site will be examined with particular attention paid to the ‘user experience’. Finally, some recommendations for improvement will be made. Background of uB-Mobile According to uB-Mobile, it is a "leading provider of enabling products and services in the mobile environment with focus on the media industry" (uB-Mobile Home, 2001). The company began its business in 1989 by providing Global Positioning Systems (GPS) solutions for navigation and Short Message Service (SMS) applications for vehicle tracking and traffic information. uB-Mobile’s entry into the mobile web application arena was a natural. Then, in 1999, they quickly took a commanding lead in the industry and in 2000 signed a contract with AOL UK to make their city guides available on the AOL United Kingdom portal. uB-Mobile’s City Guide came in first place for the most innovative and entertaining mobile web application during the 2001 Cellmania WAPPY Awards™ (Gold for uB-mobile, 2001). uB-Mobile is based in Geneva, Switzerland. Purpose and Function One of uB-Mobile’s most known applications is their mobile city guide for wireless devices. It effectively combines mobility and instant access to information to internet enabled mobile phones. The evaluation of this mobile application (http://www.ub-wap.com) was accomplished using the Openwave SDK, WAP Edition 5.0 (http://www.openwave.com/products/developer_ products/). This application was approached for evaluation as a user would use it – to get some useful or r... ... middle of paper ... .... Retrieved October 9, 2001 from http://www.coolwapsiteoftheday.com/113000.phtml. Johnson, Simon. (September, 2001) Revenue sharing: The only enduring incentive. OPENWAVE WML Pulse Europe. Retrieved October 9, 2001 from http://wmlpulse-europe.openwave.com/ document.asp?document_id=21&chunk_id=71. Gold for uB-mobile. (March 3, 2001) Retrieved October 9, 2001, from http://www.ub-mobile.com/news.shtml. Rudkin, Charles. (March 3, 2001). Site review: Ub-mobile. Retrieved October 9, 2001, from http://www.wap.com/share/osas/cache/artid550422.html. uB-Mobile Home. (2001). Retrieved October 9, 2001, from http://www.ub-mobile.com/index.shtml. uB-WAP City Guides. (2001). Retrieved October 9, 2001, from http://www.ub-mobile.com/wap_city_guides.shtml. uB-WAP Features. (2001). Retrieved October 9, 2001, from http://www.ub-mobile.com/wap_features.shtml.

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