Vultures and Presents from My Aunts in Pakistan Poem Comparison

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In the poems ‘presents from my aunts in Pakistan’, by Monica Alve, and ‘Vultures’ by Chinua Achebe, there is a use of colour, powerful imagery, various techniques and possible connotations to emphasise the particular setting, or the feelings of the particular person, and to also highlight the two sides in each poem. In ‘Presents from my aunts in Pakistan.’ Monica begins the poem in a vivid manner, causing vibrant images to immediately form in my head. Through the words ‘peacock blue’, and the simile ‘glistening like an orange split open’ I am figuratively told that she is attracted to the flamboyant traditions of Asian culture, however she goes on to say ‘bangles snapped, drew blood.’ This emphasises to me that although she had grown up with Pakistani traditions, the ‘snapping bangles’ represents the demise of that particular culture in her life, and how she is reluctant to feel apart of it. Also, the use of blood, which can be interpreted as a deep red colour, its shows her Pakistani life coming to an end at a young age. Additionally, in the poem ‘vultures’ the opening sentence is ‘in the greyness.’ which tells me that the setting is dark and morose at that specific time. This also tells me that the poem may not be the most pleasant, since the colour grey, could represent something insipid and melancholy. However, reading forward, the words ‘nestled close to his mate..’ create the feeling that this poem may not be as gloomy after all, showing that there can also be love in bleak situations. Linking back to ‘presents’ Monica may feel uncomfortable with the fact that she may be part Pakistani, however apart of her will always love it, and she has to embrace that. Powerful uses of imagery in these two poems’ assist in attempting t... ... middle of paper ... ...m is simply expressing that. This emphasises how conflicted Monica is feeling, which helps the reader understand what she is going through. With the use of various techniques in ‘vultures’, such as metaphors ‘a pebble / on a stem rooted in / a dump of gross / feathers’, personification ‘despondent dawn’, and alliteration ‘broken bone’. Moreover, in ‘presents’ techniques such as alliteration, and similes ‘glistening like an orange split open’. Both authors emphasise, using imagery, the progressing conflict in both poems. The reader would experience emotions such as disgust, for vultures, and sympathy for ‘presents’. Achebe tries to convey the message that someone evil, deep down inside could in fact be loving, and that love and death always go together. In addition, Alvi conveys the message that being trapped between two cultures can you bewildered, and skirmish.
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