Vulnerable Child Paper

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Case Study
John is a 34-year-old father of one child, Oliver. John married Lilly when he was 22-years-old and she was 20-years-old. John and Lilly were high school sweethearts and attended Texas Christian University. John received a degree in business administration and Lilly majored in psychology. Lilly later attended University of Texas in Austin for her graduate degree in clinical psychology. At the age of 26, Lilly was pregnant with Oliver. She had just opened her private practice in Fort Worth after moving back to the area and everything seemed to be falling into place. John was a general manager of a local business in Fort Worth and spent many hours at work and away on business trips. He was very excited for their first child and knew Lilly would be a wonderful mother because of her empathetic and authentic personality.
Oliver was born on April 24 and was healthy and full of life. Lilly and John were overjoyed by their new blessing. As Oliver was growing up, Lilly made it a point to use her child psychology knowledge on him to foster a secure attachment, autonomy, and prosocial behavior. John continued to be gone on business trips often but Lilly seemed to be handling motherhood very well on her own. Lilly’s private practice career allowed her to have flexibility and be with Oliver often, only leaving him with a babysitter or at day care for a few hours a day. Oliver was growing up quickly and seemed to be a very intelligent child. He had many friends and loved spending time with his parents, but seemed to be much closer to his mother. Unfortunately, at 6-years-old Oliver had to witness his mother’s murder in their own home. John was away on a business trip and the holidays were approaching. Crimes such as aggravated assau...

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...g able to attend group therapy, which Oliver does from experiencing it firsthand. Oliver and John would then attend group sessions monthly or bi-weekly, Oliver in a children group and John in the parent group. The general grief activities that Oliver would participate in would discuss how the death happened, the funeral service, any changes in the family dynamic, and talk about happy or sad memories shared with his mother. Oliver would also talk about feelings such as fear, anxiety, worry, anger, and sadness. John would practically do the same types of activities, just on a different developmental level. Telger mentioned that parents are required to be there in order to get help themselves. A staff counselor tries to stay very involved with parents and is in touch with them in between group sessions for any updates or referrals to other professionals if necessary.
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