Volunteers Should Not Be Rewarded

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Nowadays you can volunteer in different type of places. There are a lot of various organizations that need volunteers. What you can do to help these organizations are help clean parks, go to a foreign country to help from a natural disaster, etc. These are just some of the things you can do at these institutions. When volunteering the question is asked if people who volunteer should receive benefits or a reward for offering their service. I believe they shouldn't because if you’re receiving a benefit it becomes like a part-time job it takes the point of volunteering out of the equation. It also defies the purpose of doing it on your own free will with the purpose of doing good and helping others. First of all the definition of volunteering is offering yourself for a service or you performing willingly and ‘‘without pay’’. If people were to get benefits out of it, it wouldn't be volunteering anymore. The reason people volunteer is for either personal reasons, the need to help others, or to make a change in their community as to make their community a better place. People volunteer for other reasons too it can be because they are forced upon by their parents or a school requirement, or they want to try something new because they have a lot of free time in their hands. Head of PhD George L. says there are risks when volunteers are rewarded or paid. He states "The precise distinctions vary , but the point of difference is that employees get paid for their work — volunteers do not. Pay a volunteer for his or her work and you've transformed the former volunteer into an employee — or at least you've created a plausible basis for that person (or perhaps someone else) to claim he or she is an employee of your nonprofit." another problem ... ... middle of paper ... ...on since it can cause them a lot of troubles plus it can also affect how the volunteer performs if not rewarded properly. Rewards are ok as long as they are properly distributed and it won't cost the institution extra money since they are working for a cause not to lose anything. volunteering is the act of helping others and giving yourself up for a service without pay and I believe in that because it wouldn't be volunteering anymore if you include pay in the same sentence. Works Cited L, George. "Library." Paying Volunteers Risk Management. Risk Management Center , n.d. Web. 23 Oct. 2013. Hartman, Rachel. "Rewarding volunteers." Rewarding Volunteers. N.p., n.d. Web. 23 Oct. 2013. Johnson, Adrian. "Michigan Ann Arbor Bay City Detroit Flint Grand Rapids Jackson Kalamazoo Lansing Muskegon Saginaw All Michigan." The Kalamazoo Gazette. N.p., 7 Feb. 2009.
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