Volcanoes Essay

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Volcanoes are catastrophic events in time . Although how dangerous volcanoes can be they attract huge groups of tourists every day . There are different types of volcanoes and different volcanic eruptions and are all horrific . Volcanoes can affect everyone and everything in it’s path . Volcanoes can be found all over the world and there are volcanoes forming this very second. Volcanoes bring curiosity to everyone .
Volcanic eruptions occur over a series of stages. Volcanoes are found on plate boundaries because of the weak crust that is more likely to crack rather than normal crust. When the plate boundaries crack it triggers a volcanic eruption . In a volcanic eruption magma from the magma chamber below the earth's surface rises through the crack in the earth's crust
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Although volcanoes are different in their own ways volcanoes are also horrific in their own ways . There are four different types of volcanoes these volcanoes include composite, cinder ,shield , and lava dome according to geography . Composite volcanoes are made of layers of ash and lava . When this volcano erupts there is a higher chance of having a pyroclastic flow rather than a lava flow . Lava domes are created by small masses of lava which is too thick to travel far . Lava dome grows by lav expansion within the volcano , according to Universe Today . Cinder cone volcanoes are formed by lava fragments which land near a volcano vent to eventually create a circular shaped cone with a crater on top , according to Universe Today . Cinder cone volcanoes are the most common type of volcano . One type of volcanic eruption is when magma rises through the surface and comes out of a vent as a lava flow this is called an effusive eruption. Magma is torn to bits called pyroclasts as it makes it’s way to the surface this is an explosive eruption , according to . Volcanoes are destructive in their own way
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