Volcanoes Are A Volcano

Volcanoes a world phenomena captivating and amazing the humans earth. Volcanoes might be amazing to look at, but deep down their lurks a monster that can erupt. Volcanoes are a monstrous mountain that can destroy anything. Volcanoes are formed in all shapes and sizes, but still can do the same damage. Volcanoes are a part of earth's beautiful mountains, but they are no ordinary mountain.
Volcanoes come in all shapes and sizes,but are capable to doing the same damage. Volcano have several different types of volcanoes, for example one of them is a cinder cone volcano which stands at 1,200 feet and has a 30-40 degree slope according to Another type of volcano is called a shield volcano which rises up to 30,000 feet in the air and
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One part of a volcano is the magma chamber. According to it states that the magma chamber is where the molten rocks (magma) are stored. Lava is the hot magma that is outside of the volcano according to said that the main vent is the weak point of the volcano where the lava is about to shout out. The ash cloud of the volcano is the smoke or rocks that shoots out, containing many dangerous gases like carbon dioxide, this smoke could be as dangerous as lava. In the article “Did you know: All about Volcanoes” it states that the crater of a volcano is where the lava spews out or blast out of the volcano. Volcanic bombs are the unmelted rocks that are shot out of the volcano and are as hot as lava until it reaches the ground. A secondary vent is another way the lava gets out of the volcano and is like a shortcut out of the volcano. According to it states that there are fifteen different parts of a volcano and they all help a volcano be dangerous. Volcanoes are very dangerous mountains and can destroy everything on earth. Volcanoes still amaze the people living on earth, even though they cause lots of destruction. They cause destruction in all sorts of ways and in all shapes and sizes. Since the beginning of time volcanoes have caused major damage like destroy nature and cities, but even though they cause destruction on earth they still surprise humans. Volcanoes are apart of earth's beautiful mountains and no matter how dangerous they will still shock us how beautiful they

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