Volcanoes: An Essay: What Are Volcanoes?

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What are volcanoes?
A volcano is a mountain that opens downward to a pool of molten rock below the surface of the earth. When pressure builds up, eruptions occur. In another definition it is a mountain
That has a passage to the underground molten seas of rocks , when the pressure increases on this molten seas it causes eruption gases and molten rocks shoot up through a hole in the top of the mountain and fill the air with lava fragments .
This eruptions cause a leatral blasts ,lava flows , hot ash flows and many other disaster .
Some eruptions can knock down enter forests and cause trigger tsunami and earth quakes.
Comes out of volcanoes when its eruption Regolith solid and molten material (lava) and gases.
Rock debris: emerges as a result
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If the cone is made up entirely of rock debris, we found very high gradient for the space occupied by the base. Here we find the gradient of 30 degrees and sometimes up to 40 degrees Celsius and these forms usually arise as a result of volcanic eruptions and represented in the islands in Indonesia.
Volcanic plateau: volcanic plateau or "shielded" as a result of outflows lava and accumulation on the main nozzle and the low-rise look for the large area occupied by the rules. And look peaks like convex plateaus with convexity weak and from this it renamed volcanoes Plateau These cones originated from the flow of molten severe lava heat and great liquidity, which has spread over large areas and is this volcanic plateau best representation in the volcanoes of the Hawaiian volcano Mauna Loa Islands, which has a height of 4100 m, which seems more like a spacious dome descend steeper easy and fragile.
Volcanoes class: class volcanoes common type of existence, which is formed in the center of the former types and its cones composed of rock debris material and lava flows directed by the volcano eruption, while restless. And the outcomes be coming out of the volcano eruptions during successive layers on each other, and some of them consisting of coarse material and another section of accurate materials, and between this and that interfere lava in a few strips of fish
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The number of ancient extinct volcanoes for the tens of thousands; where there are volcanic rocks in most regions of the earth, and the significance of the volcanoes in the following:
Knowledge of the internal structure section of the earth's crust and the outer part of the Earth's atmosphere; because the lava issued from this level, a depth of about 450 kilometers.
Indicate the pressure sites in the earth's crust; the volcanic sites consistent with the pressure sites in the cortex where there are significant cracks and deep. It is not difficult to see volcanoes flustered imagine the devastation and destruction caused by the lava if it hit the urban areas. The effects are not limited
Volcanoes only volcano area, but may go beyond it to a nearby or even very remote
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