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Assignment 8: Volcanic Hazards Essay Throughout the world there are a variety of natural disasters that occur among the environment on a daily basis. Some may only cause minimal harm, but others could be extremely destructive to the point where it could cause certain deaths and ruination. Among the several natural disasters that are known, volcanic hazards have become one of the most concerning threats here in the United States and in the world. (Myers) This has sparked my interest because it was interesting to learn about how intrusive and troubling volcanoes, explained thoroughly in chapter four of the textbook, can be and how it impacts the planet we live in. Throughout this essay, I will describe different kinds of volcanic hazards, how…show more content…
(Decker) Eruptions then lead to a variety of other hazards such as pyroclastic flows, ash clouds, and mudflows, which is what most likely will affect people nearby the most. Another major volcanic hazard is the release of gasses emitted from fumaroles, which are the openings or small cracks of a volcano. (Myers) For example, an eruption that occurred in 1991 at Mount Pinatubo in the Philippians released a large amount of sulfur dioxide gas, that when mixed with water created a toxic substance called sulfuric acid, which was determined to be one of the factors leading to the damage of the ozone layer. (Myers) Due to the intensity of these hazards, people and the environment suffer from its dangerous…show more content…
For example, cameras, satellite imagers, instruments that measure and detect volcanic ashes, etc. are some of the tools used by volcanologists to monitor and record volcanic activity. (Marie) These are tools that have also facilitated the way the public can keep up with these records, as most of them are published on official websites and newsletters. There are also methods, similar to ones used for earthquakes that are used to follow active volcanoes such as gas and seismic monitoring, which work by detecting rock movement within the crust of the earth. (Marie) Although volcanoes can be highly unpredictable, volcanologists have developed better and newer ways in predicting volcanic eruptions throughout time. In conclusion, I have learned about the different kinds of volcanic hazards, how it affects the environment and humanity, and how advances in technology are keeping people safer from volcanic hazards. It is important to be aware these facts, considering they are real world issues occurring today and will affect the future. Overall, I truly enjoyed researching this topic and gaining more knowledge on the kinds of hazards that volcanoes

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