Voice Recognition: One Of The Role Of Communication In Nursing

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Voice recognition as well as how we present ourselves remains as one of the main elements in communication not just for nurses but for everyday conversations. Right from the beginning from when we are born communication is an instinctive part of our being and in any relationship to keep it healthy. Communication is a vital component in which we use every day to convey messages, a process of exchanging ideas and a way to express our feelings. Communication tools can come in different forms, however knowing them and demonstrating them are two different things. What matters most is how to execute them, in nursing communication is an ability that must be mastered and since nursing is a career about dealing, nurturing and caring for all types of people we must, as nurses use communication effectively to help bring our patients back to a state of wellness. Furthermore this essay discusses an important communication skill that nurses essentially must be able to master and use effectively in…show more content…
Sometimes as simple as “Hi my name is. I will be your nurse” providing information as simple as your name can make them feel safer by creating a safe environment, displaying who you are and your here to help. As Mrs Penno is reserved introducing yourself at the start is a safe platform and acknowledging what her needs are. Helping patients by informing facts about certain operations or facilities, or any relevance to their situation builds up trust and as well as present a greater body of knowledge and awareness from which helps make realistic conclusions and decisions. Suitable information transfer for each patient is an essential portion to show achievement of an effective therapeutic relationship and can have momentous outcomes on patients’ health and needs (Comstock et al
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