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What are the challenges in using memory strategies to learn vocabulary? by Alexandra Høle.

"Building up a useful vocabulary is central to the learning of a foreign language at primary level." (Cameron, 2001, p. 72). Since I agree with Cameron, I have chosen to write about learning strategies, and memory strategies specifically, in relation to vocabulary learning. My own experience and belief is that young learners would benefit from being more aware of which strategies are available to them in order to learn new vocabulary more efficiently. O'Malley (in Brewster, 2002, p. 55) states that "students without metacognitive approaches are essentially learners without direction and ability to review their progress". Awareness of their own learning processes are necessary for any learner to be successful, no matter which strategies are used. So even though I will be discussing memory strategies, there is always a need for metacognitive thinking (Schmitt, 2000, p. 136). Ok but I think maybe you need to switch this around so that you start with Metacog and then go down to Memory. However if you use current organization of strategies then memory comes into Cognitive strategies see Rebecca Oxfords work so maybe it would be better to mention the different categories and then go in depth into the one you are going to use.

Organization of the assignment.
I will now have a deeper look into which challenges are found when using memory strategies to learn vocabulary. Firstly I will define what I mean when I use the term learning strategies and memory strategies in specific. I will also look at what learning a new word means. Then I will go on to present the different challenges connected to the use and teaching of memory strategi...

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