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Every year in the USA about 70 million animals are experimented on (Monamy 34). Almost all these animals are euthanized after they are no longer needed. But I’m not going to focus on the moral aspect of this subject because that would be a never ending argument of opinions. After doing research I found that there are more important reasons why this practice should be modified. Our government’s dependence on vivisection should be toned down or totally replaced because it is misleading, its faulty results, and with better alternatives available. Vivisection is defined as the cutting of live animals and applies to all experiments conducted on animals. Eighty-five percent of the animals used are rats and mice but dogs, cats, primates, guinea pigs, horses, and other farm animals are extensively used(Bad Medicine). These animals are usually bred for this purpose but are also obtained from animal shelters and zoos. The research includes cosmetic testing, drug testing, and medical experiments. Cosmetic testing is not required but is done to prevent lawsuits in case something goes wrong. They involve testing cosmetics on animals to see reactions. This includes the Draize eye test where drops of whatever they are testing are placed in a restrained rabbit’s eye to see irritation levels, force feeding chemicals, and placing chemicals under the skin to test reactions. Drug testing is required by law and involves testing new drugs on animals to see if there are adverse effects and if it works on them. Lastly medical experiments are used to study diseases and ailment. This includes inducing diseases and injures, so they can be studied (Cothran 15). This practice was started in 200 B.C. when the religious leaders began condemning the then co... ... middle of paper ... ... in this way will behave the same in humans: because in many respects the human is not the same as the animal.”(Bad Medicine) “Despite all this evidence animal testing is still conducted much the same as it was 100 years ago” (Bad Medicine). Alternatives like testing on human cells, cell cultures, organ slices, computer stimulation, and lab on a chip. Not to mention studying sick people and basing their theories on evidence obtained not on something that isn’t accurate. These alternatives are not just species specific they are more accurate and less costly than vivisection (Cothran 43). All in all, despite prescription drugs, which are all animal-tested, being one of the leading causes of death in the USA, vivisection results are still trusted by the general public. This is a dangerous situation which will not only lead to more animal suffering but also to human.
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