Visual text analysis

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This advertisement is intended to educate individuals on the importance of world help. The ad has two side-by-side signboards showing similar design on each of them. One has the logo of world famous Apple Company and the other one has a shape of Africa as a continent on a map. There are two slogans beneath each figure, which reads, “One die, million cry” on the sign with the Apple logo and “Million die, no one cries” on the sign with the Africa figure. This ad signifies the insincerity of people in the world. The quote on the sign with the Apple logo relate to the death of Steve Jobs (CEO of Apple company) and the millions of people that cried for him. However, the other sign with the Africa shape refers to the millions of deaths in Africa but no one acts as if they care. Why does this ad look the way it does? Description and explanation of the ad’s design: visual images, colors, work choices, layout, arrangement ect. The ad is setup at a bus stop with two signboards. The bus stop seems to be located on a main street at night. When looking at this ad the two signboards appear to be oversized iPad’s with engraved quotes on each of them. The signboards are side by side with a glowing crisp stainless steal look, portraying the look of an iPad, which helps these images stand out to grab the attention of the reader. The ad is using a color scheme of black and whites. The background and the surrounding areas of the ad are dark and greyed out. The ad focuses in on these two signboards, not giving you too much of a visual on its surrounding area. The creator of this ad wants its viewers to focus in on its main point, which is the two iPad like signboards and the similar statements on them. The captions are worded in a way that is oppos... ... middle of paper ... ... a closer look at these two comparisons you will find out that more support was raised after Steve Jobs death, than there was for the people in Africa. What’s this ad really seem to be saying? What story does it tell about American culture? What cultural values does it suggest? The meaning of this ad is drawing attention to the social issue by mentioning another problem. The social issue this ad emphasizes is that people living in today’s society have problems weighing the seriousness of social issues, which is shown by the ad underlining the social problem. This ad recognizes the selfishness of the American culture. Americans are more concerned with keeping up with popularity, rather than the seriousness of this damaged society. It suggests that we need to address problems and show interest for more important issues in society rather than the inadequate ones.
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