Visual Merchandising Essay

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Many Customers think they are only purchasing products while on shopping but however again and again they are usually purchasing the knowledge of shopping. The understanding of spending your money to buy products is very much influenced by VM - Visual Merchandising which also known as the quality area used in store where merchandise is offered. A lot of things have been believed regarding Visual Merchandising and its consequence on Consumer Purchasing Behavior. The perfect time to change your merchandising visuals is the main purpose of this research and to observe the impact of Font Size and Color used in Retail stores on Consumer buying Behavior. Visual Merchandising in various retail stores lead consumers to a particular direction towards…show more content…
Retailers want stores to be a magnet for consumers which support them to discover the actual product they are willing to purchase and to inspire them to make careful, unintentional and impulse purchase or at last offer them with pleasant shopping experiences. If this visual merchandising have not preferred outcome on customers the problem arises whether it is profitable to spend time and money for retailers on this Marketing Medium. Visual Merchandising is important because it Increases Brand Awareness, Improves Brand Presence in Stores, and in the end. Most of the time it increases brand Image in Consumer minds and overall impact in companies…show more content…
Today in the Retail Stores value, variety and facilities are not the one and only purchase triggers. The Visual Merchandising of the store and the way the discount promotion Signage presented also act as facilitators. Effective retailers have showing that they can completely increase their sales by suitable and updated Visual Merchandising at the point of purchase. Retail store atmospherics may impact buyer behavior.

According to Chain Store Age (2004) 63 % of the customers recall events when the store atmosphere triggered them to purchase extra or spend more time in the store. Furthermore the total number of people influenced by store atmosphere among them 45 % people reported that they not just consumed only more money in the store but more time as well. (Seock & Lee,
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