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Sometimes you need to see it to believe it. The most well represented style in school is the Visual learning style. This is a person who learns best by reading and seeing. A visual learner will retain the most information by looking at words on a chalkboard and copying their notes down. They will also learn by reading over their notes or a textbook, and highlighting important facts as they go along. These students will be comfortable with writing outlines, designing posters and making diagrams to represent what they have learned. Also working with puzzles and colors will come easily to them.

Teachers hoping to help visual learners might give hand outs of the information needed or use an overhead projector to show the lesson for the day. The teacher might also write out each step to completing a project so the student can follow along. Visual tools will come in handy such as Venn diagrams and flow charts. Today there are also more technological tools to be used in visual learning, like Power point presentations, and also using the computer or the internet alone is very beneficial to visual learners Having the students use these tools to help see and understand important information will better help them remember it. Another memory technique that works well for visual learners is making and using flash cards (Davies, 2003). Teachers should also pay close attention to differing the colors and sizes of words with different levels of importance of different areas of information, for example the teacher might write definitions to words in large red hand writing and then write the example sentence in a smaller blue handwriting.



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