Visual Effects Gun Sequence Pre-Production

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So this is my first time using nuke, it was a difficult task to complete but I got there in the end. It was a lengthy process when key framing certain aspects of the sequences. Which subsequently made it a difficult task to complete. When it came to filming I had a basic idea of what I wanted to film. With the network being down it mean’t we could use the opportunity to film. That never always worked out we had to wait for keys, technician and memory cards. Before we got the chance to film it was so late in the assignment, that the sequence that was captured had to be used. It wasn’t until around the holidays well into the assignment we got the clips. The format of the clips were in meant that they had to be re-rendered. So using Adobe Premiere I converted the clips into tiff sequences. This was a file format Nuke was able to read. After bringing in the green screen sequence it was time to get rid of the green screen. So using the IBKcolour & IBKgizmo gave a basic green screen key. It was from here that there was a bleed even adding colour correct could not fix it. It turned out to be a problem on the camera end. I ended up using premult, unpremult and grade nodes to get rid of the bleed. This was the layout for the green screen. The green in the background was removed when it came to the handgun however it removed the top half of the gun. After the green screen was complete I took a look back at the reference images. I decided I maybe have two characters shot at each other. So using the same Nuke nodes on the second actor I tried the idea. It did not work for some reason the first character started shooting while the second character didn’t move. So I decided to go back to the original idea to save time and to ge... ... middle of paper ... ...nt Evil: Retribution) Year of creation in round brackets: (2012) From: Resident Evil: Retribution Directed by: Paul W.S. Anderson Medium in square brackets: [Film still] Place of Production: USA At: URL (if relevant): Heat image 1 Title of image in italics: HEAT gun fight scene ( URL + &fmt=18 Dolby Surround Stereo *surround type Movie Theater ) Year of creation in round brackets: (1995) From: Heat Directed by: Michael Mann Medium in square brackets: [Film still] Place of Production: USA At: URL (if relevant): Gun image:, (2011), witness_steel_full.jpg [ONLINE]. Available at: [Accessed 24 January 14]. Soundtracks Zombie, Hand-gun shot, Machine-gun shot and smashed glass =Royalty free Referenced from:

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