Visiting Regulations in Pediatric Care Facilities

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When an individual is admitted into the hospital environment, they may experience several psychological reactions. For children or adolescents, separation from their peers, their families, and from their own home, will often produce feelings of stress. When considering the aforementioned stressors, it becomes evident that social support networks play a significant role in the healing process of a pediatric patient (Genuis, 2010). Nurses, in particular, have the ability to see illness as a personal experience. They often interact with the families of pediatric patients on a daily basis, and they are then able to look far beyond the pathological process of disease. As a result, it is imperative for pediatric facilities to maintain flexible visiting regulations that support individual patient needs. Regulations that accommodate the needs of the patient’s significant others would potentiate the positive effects of client-centered nursing care.

Researchers are continuing to realize the importance of the changes that are being made to visiting regulations in pediatrics (The Joanna Briggs Institute, 2009). Consequently, this paper will review the literature that discusses visitation policies in pediatric care facilities. It will examine the issues involved with sibling visitation rights, and certain restrictions that exist when pediatric patients are having surgery. Furthermore, the literature will be used to explore the impact that visiting regulations can have on the emotional health of families. The research supports how and why health care professionals must continue to put themselves in their patient’s position, and learn from the patient’s and/ or family’s frame of reference.

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