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When one man dies, there is grief, when a hundred men die, there is mourning, and when a man such as Caesar falls, there is chaos. In Shakespeare’s play, The Tragedy of Julius Caesar, Caesar is a great ruler whose image is portrayed differently by Decius Brutus and Marc Antony. At the great funeral of Caesar, Marc Antony and Brutus both share their portrayals of the great ruler. Brutus displays Caesar as a ruler whose ambition clouded his judgement and made him dangerous, thus he deserved to die. Antony portrays Caesar as a noble ruler who helped Rome and was killed wrongly. Ultimately, Antony’s logical and genuine portrayal of Caesar is more legitimate than Brutus’, as shown through Caesar’s livelihood and actions in the play. Opposed to Antony’s logical view, Brutus’ controversial and slightly skewed portrayal of Caesar shows that he was an ambitious ruler who would have soon turned into a tyrant. In his private thoughts, Brutus sees Caesar as having fallen to the common proof that upon climbing the ladder of ambition, he forgot to remember those below him. In his funeral speech, Brutus attempts to show Caesar’s ambition ; He also tries to demonstrate his love of Rome by depicting his killing of Caesar as an honorable deed. Brutus charges Caesar with becoming too ambitious, and in his speech he questions all men if they would “Rather Caesar were living and die all slaves, than that Caesar were dead, to live all free men?” (3.2.1556-1558). Brutus thus equates Caesar to a serpent in the egg, whom, at the moment is not dangerous, but Caesar’s ambition will soon turn him into a dangerous creature that is much more difficult to control. While Brutus does not disrespect any of Caesar’s other qualities, he believes that he rightfully... ... middle of paper ... ...esar commits no acts of tyranny, but he also does nothing out of blatant arrogance. As shown by Antony, Caesar is a noble man who has done nothing wrong The life recounts of noble Caesar by both Brutus and Antony may both share a different spin on Caesar. To Brutus, Caesar is a man whose ambition will overcome his judgement and turn him into a tyrannical leader. Brutus’ portrayal is skewed and not quite right, and it is disproven by Caesar’s actions in the play Antony offers the true view of Caesars life, that he is simply a ruler who is wrongly accused of being ambitious and tyrannical. Throughout his livelihood, Caesar showed that he was not tyrannical or ambitious, and that he was a good ruler that helped the city and empire of Rome through his existence, just as Antony viewed him. When Caesar fell, chaos ensued, and Marc Antony was there to pick up the pieces.

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