Vision Statement, Mission Statements Are Important To A Company

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Financial Analysis
A mission statement is a written statement that tells others what the company does. The mission statement in a very short form explains to readers how they operate in a general sense. Mission statements are not super specific or detailed just general. “A mission statement is a concise statement of a company 's reason for being, what it actually does, and for whom. It should contain what products and services the company produces for which target market, as well as how it considers itself different or unique. It should not contain statements of values, strategies, or objectives (although many companies make this error), but could contain the company 's customer value proposition. (Abraham, S. C., 2012, p. 2.1)
Both vision statements in mission statements are important to a
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What makes an effective vision statement rather than one that just sounds good? In order to know whether the vision has been achieved, it makes sense to use some quantitative measure in the statement. For example, it could include "become a billion-dollar company by 2017," or "be doing business in 25 countries by 2017." It is imperative that the strategy and vision must be completely aligned, which is why an organization should review and, if necessary, revise the vision statement after deciding on the strategy and strategic direction in case the latter has been changed. Ideally, the vision statement should be concise, inspiring, memorable, and achievable—a tall order, but not impossible.” (Abraham, S. C., 2012, p. 2.1) The Home Depot mission statement is a pretty good mission statement. The mission statement focuses on satisfying the customer’s needs over products, this mission statement tell Who the company is, the mission statement does focus on the serving its customers, I also believe the mission statement is short enough concise and pretty
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