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John Lennon’s vision throughout his struggle with dyslexia, the formation of a band, and the Vietnam War best exemplifies his stature as a leader because it exhibits his capacity to look beyond what is presented and lead others towards the brighter future he saw. Everyone has the capacity to see a brighter future, but very few actually recognize the potential of the future. “What exactly is vision?” one might ask. To put it simply, it is the ability for a person to see further than what is presented. The attitude towards how something is seen is significant because it influences the way one behaves. For example, if an army general has a small unit to go to war with, one would assume that they cannot succeed due to the insufficient numbers. That is the obstacle the general is faced with, but a general with vision will be able to look past numbers and devise a strategy to out-maneuver their enemies. It is essential for a leader to have this quality because without a clear sight of what can happen, they will become complacent when faced with a challenge. A challenge that Lennon was born with was the trouble of dyslexia. Dyslexia is a disease where the brain will have difficulty identifying and interpreting numbers, letters and symbols, making it difficult for people to learn. It does not, however, affect overall intelligence. Millions of people around the world were diagnosed with this disease within a few months of its official discovery. A majority of the patients grew faint-hearted, giving up on learning how to read and write.. Lennon on the other hand, was determined to overcome this hindrance and succeed in the end. He saw that this was merely just an obstacle he had to overcome and refused to let it stop him from succeeding i... ... middle of paper ... ...eace and did everything he could so that others can see the vision as well. He’s well known for the anti-war efforts of writing lyrical songs such as “Imagine” to raise awareness through musical influence. In the end it wasn’t merely his songs or writings that inspired people to speak up against the war; it was the sharing of that vision that sparked the peace-activism movement against the Vietnam War. His vision that if enough people stood united, peace was definitely a possibility.These are the reasons why vision best exemplifies John Lennon’s leadership. Works Cited Boeis, David “The Power of Dyslexia” MindBOXProductions 2012 Salem, Lisa “The Beatles Beta” 2011 Hammett, William “John Lennon and the Mercy Street Cafe” 2014

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