Viruses, Bacteria & Prions

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Viruses, bacteria, and prions are all major topics in biology. These particles can have many traits and characteristics that are the same or they can differ greatly. Many diseases can be caused by these three things. This paper is going to inform you on these three topics, the way they compare and contrast, and examples for explanation purposes.
What are these biological things? A virus is an infective agent that typically consists of a nucleic acid molecule in a protein coat, it is too small to be seen by light microscopy, and is able to multiply only within the living cells of a host. A virus can infect all types of life forms and need a host cell to survive which could include invertebrates, vertebrates, plants, protists, fungi, bacteria, and archaea. A prion is a small infectious particle composed of abnormally folded protein that causes progressive neurodegenerative conditions. These mis-folded proteins do not multiply in the host organism that they infect. Instead they affect the brain structure by acting as a template, inducing proteins with normal folding to convert to the abnormal prion form. Bacterium are a member of a large group of unicellular microorganisms that have cell walls but lack organelles and an organized nucleus, including some that can cause disease. Typically a few micrometers in length, bacteria have a number of shapes; these include spheres, rods, and spirals.
What are the differences? Viruses are much smaller then bacteria, viruses are typically 24-1000nm and bacteria average somewhere between 1000-3000nm. A virus cannot reproduce by itself while bacteria can through binary fission. Bacteria have both DNA and RNA, viruses do not, they have only one of the two. Viruses do not produce ATP, however, ba...

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...copic eye then do you realize the status they hold.

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