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Teen years are the most complicated and overwhelming years of a child's life. For the Virtual Teen program I had a teen daughter, She was very out going and social. She enjoyed trying new things and was very involved in school. She has also been doing very good academically, and was part of the gifted program at school. At home she gets along pretty well with her sister pretty with the exception of some little arguments that they easily resolve on their own. She also went through some major changes as she transitioned to her teen years. I noticed many changes on her personality and physical appearance while she was going through puberty. She also went through many transitions that affected her and became more interested in her relationships with others.

One stage of adolescent development that my teen went through was puberty . Puberty can be different for girls and boys and may be manifested differently as they go through many physical and cognitive changes. As I was raising my teen daughter I noticed that the changes in her body during puberty played a role in the way she saw her self. By age 11 she became more interested in her appearance as a result of some compliments from some boys in school. She started to wear makeup to school every day and became more interested in buying new clothes and shoes. As puberty started to invade her, she became very cranky occasionally and responded to my house rules by giving me the silent treatment when we had arguments. She would disagreed with some of the house rules like bed time, chores and curfews. According to Caspi and Moffitt “Menarche heralds new expectations and rights and is also critical in the adolescent girl's reorganization of her body image and sexual identity” (Caspi ...

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