Virtual-Reality Helmet

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Virtual-Reality Helmet

Battered and bloody, I sluggishly rose to my feet. At first, it took me awhile to realize where I was. The toilet bowl where my head had been dangling into just seconds earlier was smeared with blood from cuts on my face. My hair was dripping with toilet water. Downhearted, I calmly approached the mirror to see just how bad it was this time. With a sigh, I began cleaning myself. Perhaps I'm starting too far into my story; let me rewind.

It was my senior year in New York, and I was preparing for college. There was a new computer, which had satellite connection capabilities to the internet that would be perfect. I had finally saved enough money to buy it; so on a Friday, I went to the mall. I wore a long coat hoping no one would recognize me. Creeping into the computer outlet, I told a clerk what I wanted. As I made my way out of the store, I was jumped. Looking up, I saw it was the popular, rich kids who were enraged by me owning something nice. They had no trace of kindness this time. They dragged me kicking and screaming into the secluded bathroom. Forcing my head into the toilet, they flushed and kicked me in the abdomen, until I passed out.

After spending a great deal of time rinsing and cleansing the crud from my hair and the gunk from my face, I walked out of the bathroom. As I had figured, the mall was closed and the entrances locked. I walked around until I came to the computer store where all this had started. The doors had been suspiciously left open, so I went in. It wasn't like it had been before; there were what looked like futuristic helmets that filled most of the store. Curious, I treaded over towards one and touched it. Lights of all colors illuminated on the helmet and I froze. Seconds later, I bravely grasped the helmet and, with my eyes closed, slipped it on my head.

When I opened my eyes, I was no longer where I had been. I was looking over glimmering white cliffs down at an ocean. There was a group of people around a fire, making smoke signals, who wore clothing from which I had only seen in history books and movies. Confused, I walked to them and asked, "Where am I?
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