Virtual Reality

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Virtual Reality Take the human mind's imagination and stretch it to its farthest limits. Write a computer program to breathe life into the conceived idea. Hook up the whole contraption to the latest cutting edge technological equipment and the end result is guaranteed to overload our perception of reality, the reality as we know it. Yes, folks, virtual reality is taking our society by storm, invading almost every aspect of our lives. With some special equipment such as helmets and gloves, the average person can immerse himself in a virtual world where he can travel to Africa or learn how to drive. Due to the great leaps made in today's technological arena, nothing is impossible with virtual reality; it is only limited to the imagination of a person. All the hype and excitement about virtual reality rests upon its multiple and flexible applications. The medical field, the industrial world, and even educational systems can utilize this technology and produce efficient products and satisfactory results. But within the computer and technology-crazed world, virtual reality proves to be a major player in cutting down human interaction and contributing to this "impersonal world." With the loss of human interaction, human morals and ideals get lost within the jungle of fiber optics and cyberspace. Although virtual reality offers our society many advantages in the areas of medicine, industry, education, and sexuality, the shortcomings of the technology limit its success; more importantly, the technology itself has a detrimental effect on human interaction and human morals. In today's quest to find the easiest and most efficient way to execute procedures and train doctors, virtual reality has surfaced as one of the medical field's ... ... middle of paper ... ...odges, Mark. "Practice Makes Perfect." MIT's Technical Review April 1998: 17-18. Infotrac. 12 March 1999. Johnson, MaryFran. "3-D Visions." Computerworld 28 Sept. 1998: 32. Infotrac. 12 March 1999. Lanier, Jaron. Email to the author. 5 April 1999. Maxwell, Kenneth. "Sex in the Future: Virtuous or Virtual?." The Futurist Aug. 1997: 29+. Infotrac. 12 March 1999. McRary, Amy. "Rush of Scientific Advances Will Make Ethical Judgments Even More Difficult." News Sentinel. 28 March 1999: M1. CD-ROM. UMI. Apr. 1999. Reynolds, Cynthia. "Everything's Coming Up 3-D." Canadian Business 24 Dec. 1998: 121-122. Infotrac. 18 March 1999. Ravenhill, Nigel. "Computer Training Simulations Need Real World Help." R&D March 1998: 65+. Infotrac. 12 March 1999. Schroeder, Ralph. Possible Worlds: The Social Dynamic of Virtual Reality Technology

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