Virtual Human Model To The Model Of Virtual Man

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INTRODUCTION “Virtual Humans are artificial agents that include both a visual body with a human – like body and intelligent cognition driving action of the body” (Traum, D., 2007). It can have many roles such as acting as a role player in a training system, acting as a tutor, and even have a role in a game. These virtual humans can be used in many different field of work. Nowadays, people even used the virtual humans as a medical application. The previous one was involved with PTSD and ADHD that use systems with virtual reality. Other than that, the virtual humans also can identify the ethnics and cultures. There are different in their conversational behavior of virtual agents. In this intelligent, they also use many techniques to make the virtual agent look real. They can create virtual humans with the natural gesture and face expression. It also can make an emotionally expressive head and body movement. Through these things, we can start to recognize the functions of the virtual human model. THE SIGNIFICANT CONTRIBUTION of VIRTUAL HUMAN MODEL to THE BODY of KNOWLEDGE The sig...

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