Virginity Narrative and Life Choices

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Virginity is a social construct because it is not founded in objective reality, but rather in imagined reality or the collective imaginations of humans. Hanne Blank, author of “Virgin: An Untouched History” could not find a medical definition of virginity. Ann Knöfel Magnusson noted in Scarlteen that physically there is no difference between virgins and non-virgins. Virginity was an idea invented human imaginations, and is ultimately defined by our imaginations. The definition of virginity is far from set in stone, ultimately virginity is contextual and relative to culture, time period, and who you are asking. It's isn't a “thing” either; even how we define virginity is by the lack of other variables. According to Blank, “we define virginity by deciding what terminates it, what virginity is not.” I could hardly watch the movie trailers for the “The 40-Year-Old Virgin”, “The American Virgin” and “The Virginity Hit”; they were repulsive. None of them seemed to be about virginity, just about sex. Blank said that there can be many “stealth” virgins today. Virgins who don't even...
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