Virginia State University Reflection Paper

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I have been attending Virginia State University for one semester now, and ever since I came here I have learned more than I imagined imaginable. Since I have taken an English class every year in my life since the age of five, I believed I knew exactly what to expect. I was definitely wrong. When I began at Virginia State University, I assumed all my English classes would only consist of reading, discussing and then writing about “Old English”. Since that was what all my English classes consisted of in high school, I did not believe there would be huge difference at Virginia State University. I quickly discovered that there was much more to it.
With only one semester of an English class at Virginia State University almost complete, they successfully showed me way more than the English language; they showed me how to be me. Taking a glance at my previous essays I wrote in high school before I came to Virginia State University, I am now very aware how much my skill to write, reveal my thoughts, ideas, and intelligence has grown stronger in this course. I have learned here at Virginia State University how to write, how to be myself, how to ponder for myself, and how to locate the solutions to the problems I do not have the answers to. I learned how vital the English language is to everyday life.
There is never a second that goes by without me contemplating about something, but being enrolled in my first English class at Virginia State University, I am very proud to announce that as a result my critical analysis skills have significantly increased. Instead of concentrating on a proposed purpose, I have figured out how to constantly ask myself "why". I now actually dare myself to investigate an author’s work as acu...

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...em up. The first English class I took at Virginia State University had actually assisted me in removing that horrid impulsion and write an essay worth writing with improved ideas that comes with added support. I was taught how to write numerous styles of essays in a lot of various arrangements.
My writing has really improved in this writing course. This course has slowly taught and is still teaching me how to not write like I am still in high school. I do not make as many grammar mistakes as I use to. I have become a better proofreader. I learned a process to creating a thesis statement that unlike my other methods actually worked. I also learned a lot about the mechanics of writing. But, there are a few of things that I do believe I crave the fortitude and ability to achieve, and that is what I believe I will acquire continuing at Virginia State University.
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