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Here are some things about Virginia. The sate Flag Virginia is a deep blue background with a Virginia seal that has a Latin motto “Sick Semper Tyrannies”. It was adopted in 1776. There are two figures acting out the motto. Both figures are warriors the woman, Virtue, represents Virginia. The man is holding a scourge and a chain shows that he is a tyrant. His and his fallen crown is nearby. In Virginia selected their State Flower commonly known as the American dogwood. It was selected to be a feeling of pride in our State and to represent interest in History and traditions. Virginia choses their state Tree as a fruit tree that matures in September to October. It is a small tree with a short trunk and low branches. The Virginia State Bird is the Cardinal. It is known for its elegant movement and its strong song. Its also known by, redbird, and Nightingale etc. A Tourist attraction in Virginia is George Washington Birthplace. At Colonial Beach. He was born on February 22,1732, when George Washington was 3 ½ his father took his family to live at Mount Vernon. 1779 the home where Washington was born at got burned. A memorial house was built near the spot in 1930. Virginia state capital is Richmond. It was founded in the 1785 it has 210,309 people in Richmond. Some Four largest cities are Virginia Beach population is 447,021. Also some of the things that you can do in Virginia Beach historical parks, water sports, zoos, and an aquariums. Norfolk is another large City with a population of 245,782. Virginia is known for its nice beaches and if you head west you can visit their Shenandoah nation park. There, you can see Caverns that have many strange nock rock shapes. Also some major rivers are James River witch is ... ... middle of paper ... was called “The Secret President”. The last famous person is Ella Fitzagerald. She was born on April 25,1917, in Viewport News, Virginia. She died on June 15,1996 in Beverly Hills, California. She was an orphan at the age of 15, later she ran away from a school she had been placed in. she was living in Harlem in New York when sang in a concert at the Apollo theater. She won first places and became one of the most famous jazz singers in the world. She performed until she died at age 79. My favorite part about leaning about my state, Virginia, is that it had a lot of good history about George Washington to learn about. Yes, I would recommend this place because if you have family it's a good place to hangout with them. Also they have nice beaches and beautiful scenery like the Nature Bridge. If you do ever considering vesting Virginia say hi to my family.

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