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Published to YouTube on March 6, 2012, this advertisement for the then young startup, Dollar Shave Club, went viral. Dollar Shave Club is a service that will send its customers four brand new razors every month. The focus of the ad is on the CEO of the company giving a tour of their distribution center. The tour is no ordinary one as it is filled with countless gags and random jokes that create an atmosphere of humorous chaos. Utilizing humorous gags and a sense of chaos along with appealing to the audience’s emotions, logic, and establishing credibility through the use if their CEO, Dollar Shave Club attempts to sell their service to men who seek greater convenience. The creator of this advertisement is Michael Dubin, the founder and CEO of Dollar Shave Club. As the past director of Digital Marketing for Sports Illustrated and Marketing Associate for, Michael Dubin has great deal of experience in the marketing industry and that shows in his company’s ad. Dubin also studied improve and sketch comedy for eight years. Dubin used this experience in digital marketing and comedy to successfully create a viral advertisement for Dollar Shave Club that made the business famous around the world. Dollar Shave club is subscription based service where every month four brand new razors are shipped to your door every month. The service costs one dollar for a two bladed razor, six for a four blade, or nine for a six blade, hence the name “Dollar Shave Club”. They offer free on shipping on the six and nine dollar razors to anywhere in the US, Canada, or Australia but, customers are expected to pay for shipping the one dollar blade. Kicking off the ad is the CEO, founder, and face of Dollar Shave Club sitting at his desk. He explains he ... ... middle of paper ... ...ce that just because they are a dollar does not mean they will not perform well. The third appeal is that they are shipped right to your door for enhanced convenience. In a mere eight seconds Michael Dubin has managed to establish is credibility in two ways, create a relaxed and unserious environment, and make three separate logical appeals. All of these aspects of the advertisement combine to create a masterfully crafted advertisement specifically targeted at men looking to save money and those seeking greater convenience. These first eight seconds are the most important because they grab the viewer’s attention and convince the audience to continue watching. The second scene is where the real humor kicks in. “Are our blades any good? No. Our blades our fu**ing great” states Dubin in a matter of fact sort of way. This catches the audience off guard and shocks them.

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